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World's first awareness token with meaningful impact!

A Binance Smart Chain DeFi deflationary token with non-custodial staking and charity support.

Making a difference For the Elephants

We believe in embracing a sustainable business model. This is why 4% goes directly to Animal Ethics' wallet.
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$ELPH Holders

With every transaction we are assisting the wildlife communities put an end to elephant poaching.



Taking advantage of the opportunities brought by blockchain technology, we created the Elephant Finance project not only for investments or trading, but also to address a real and extremely serious problem.

We take our mission very seriously, so have integrated a frictionless donation feature that automatically deposits a portion of every transaction into Animal Ethics’s donation wallet.

We are the worlds first cryptocurrency designed specifically to appreciate in value over time, whilst simultaneously helping and making an impact for the elephants.


$ELPH's allocation is very simple and straight forward.

We believe in a non-complicated lifestyle which allows transparency and mobility. $ELPH was designed by the community for the community, there are no pre-sale or team tokens.

Total Supply
Locked Liquidity
600,000,000,000 (60%)
Circulating supply
400,000,000,000 (40%)

Automatic 12%
distribution from every transaction

Let’s keep $ELPH fun and safe!

Don’t buy crypto with money you need for something else. Pay your medical bills, your rent and utilities. Keep it fun and keep it safe. Look after yourself and others.

4% Back to Holders

Holders of $ELPH earn constant passive income just by holding $ELPH in their wallet.

4% Burned

Reducing supply over time, causing upward pressure on price with every transaction.

4% to Charity Wallet

4% goes to Animal Ethics Foundation in order to help in our united fight to protect elephants.

Automatic 12% distribution from every transaction.
4% Back to Holders
4% Burned
4% to Charity Wallet

Our Partner

Animal Ethics promotes respect for nonhuman animals through outreach, research, and education. We support and research interventions to improve the lives of animals in the wild, such as vaccinations and helping animals in natural disasters.

We explore how future technologies will enable us to avoid catastrophic risks and ways technology can be used to help wild animals on a large scale.

Our vision is a world where all sentient beings are given moral consideration.

This is jut the beginning

$ELPH Roadmap

April & May 2021
June & July 2021

Community suggestion
are always welcome

Because we care about our community and we are aware that together we can build a better token and a better future.

Don’t be shy, say what’s on your mind.

Buy $ELPH today and let's shape the future the right way